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Olie Cloth Diaper

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Cloth diapers are fun and easy when you choose the right cloth diaper for you and your baby. Using cloth diapers is great for the environment, gently on your baby’s sensitive skin, and can save you thousands of dollars (compared to disposable diapers). One-size cloth diapers are our best selling and most popular style of cloth diapers. They are designed to fit most babies from birth to potty training. One-size diapers are now available in a variety of different styles to fit the need of every family. One-size diapers are adjustable in size as well as absorbency (through the use of inserts). One-size diapers allow you to adjust the level of protection to suit your baby’s specific needs day or night by changing the quantity or type of inserts used in the diaper.


One diaper from birth to potty training* (Most begin fitting around 8-10lbs)

Easily adjustable for families with multiple children in diapers

Lasts for years when well cared for

Best overall value, saving you thousands of dollars!