Dual-Core Bilateral Electric Breast Pump BPA Free

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This item is only for 220-240V, not for 110V. Please confirm the voltage before placing an order.


Most of moms find it is a difficult time to feed their newborn baby since the breast feeding often ends up with pain. Meanwhile, the baby might continue to cry for they haven't get what they want. Now with our electric dual breast pump, moms may start to find it is not so hard as before. With dual suction design, it can save time and produce more milk for baby. You can control the suction and strength of the pump while it can gently provide you massage to stimulate breast milk. Choose one and breast feeding is no longer a problem.


- Color: Yellow.
- Material: Plastic
- Size: About 12.8 x 12.8 x 12.8cm/5 x 5 x 5inch(LxWxH).
- Elegant appearance with effective pump design.
- Equipped with LCD display screen that shows suction condition. Convenient for real-time observation.
- Promote lactation with dual frequency and massage. The double breast suction design is the perfect time saver for moms. Easy to assemble, use and clean.
- Buttons Control: single/bilateral switch; suction adjustors; On/Off/Pause switch; massage switch.
- Silent breast pump. It can stimulate milk flow without any sound. It is perfect for moms, especially when they are feeding at night.
- Made of food grade material, it is BPA free, safe and non-toxic to use.
- With mini and portable design, you can take the breast pump anywhere you want. Convenient to use in daily life.