Host your own Olie party!

Want to be an Olie Host / Hostess?

Being a hostess for Olie means that you will invite your friends and family to an Olie party. This can be at your home, in your workplace, at preschool, or elsewhere. Relax for a while and hang out with your friends while introducing them to cool new products. As our Olie host for children’s wear, you will introduce Olie products and help with styling tips and how best to mix and match Olie products, plus you'll receive some awesome benefits! 

Hostess Gifts and Discounts

Cash: For every product you sell at the party, you will receive a percentage in sales commission.

Starter Kit: You will also receive a 30% discount on an Olie starter kit to showcase at the party that you get to keep for yourself.

Big Discounts: You will receive between 10 - 30% discount on your own purchases: the more guests, the higher the discount. Invite as many friends as you can to the event - the more friends the better the discount! 

o    1-5 guests: 10% discount

o    6-10 guests: 15% discount

o    11-15 guests: 20% discount

o    16-20 guests: 30% discount

·         There is no obligation to buy at our Olie event.

·         The goods are delivered to the nearest representative.

Guest Benefits

All the guests and the host / hostess at our home party get a favorable price, between 10 - 30% discount on all merchandise ordered. 

Payment & Shipping

You can pay by credit, debit or credit cards linked to Visa or MasterCard. We offer free shipping to anyone who buys more than $150 worth of merchandise at a home party event.

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