Let your kiddos get dirty on the playground

I take my little one to the playground and the park every afternoon and it doesn't matter what sort of weather it is. Being outdoors is good for all of us but especially for our little one. After a long day indoors in school it is essential to let your little ones run free on the playground for a few hours every afternoon....fresh air, playing and being creative is going to boost their creativity and help them process whatever stressors they have had to deal with during their long school day. 

Sadly though i see so many parents at the playground directing how their kiddos should and should not play and parents especially don't want their kiddos playing with water, mud or sand.....why...why parents, why would you not let your kiddos play with the most exciting part of playing outdoors namely water, mud and sand? Its a part of being a kid to get really dirty at the playground, too have fun with free undirected play.

Recently i took my little one to the playground on a hot afternoon and i let my little one play with water, mud and sand because i have a laundry machine and i don't let my little one wear clothing that is so sensitive it cant get dirty and washed plus my little one just loooooves getting sandy, muddy and wet and when i think about it so did i at the same age. In any case this particular day my little one was filling up water in small water ballons and letting the water out in one of the 5 different slides and sliding down just like a water slide, the kiddos were having a blast. A mother comes up and is furious that i let my little one play with water and she was mad that her little one also wanted to go down the waterslide but she didnt want her little one getting wet! I just cant understand what is so scary with a bit of water, sand or mud? Why even go to the playground then if your kiddo is going to play with water, sand or mud. I just cant help to feel sorry for those kiddos who aren't allowed to be kids and have fun at the playground....

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” ~Joseph Chilton Pearce~



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